The institute’s overall goal is to continually improve the processes by which risk assessment is conducted and to broaden the knowledge of practitioners in risk assessment. We’re very ambitious in what we want to achieve and I think we will be able to make a difference in prevention of injuries and illnesses through this effort.

- Dee Woodhull, CSP, CIH


For occupational safety and health risk assessment and OSH professionals to be integral to an organization’s enterprise risk management process.



To educate executives, the business community, and OSH professionals on:

  • The role of OSH professionals in the risk process
  • The value of the risk assessment approach
  • How to successfully implement OSH risk assessment

To improve risk-related training and education for OSH professionals so they can:

  • Better understand the risk-based decision-making process
  • Improve core risk assessment competencies

To provide a platform for the OSH community to contribute to the development of new evidence-based risk-related policies, processes, and solutions:

  • To better leverage the expertise of the OSH community in identifying and quantifying risk
  • To advance risk-related OSH regulatory and legislative initiatives related to the management of OSH risks in the workplace
  • To identify relevant research topics to increase the understanding of OSH-related risks

Be the center of excellence for risk-related information and tools relevant to the OSH profession:

  • To collect and disseminate relevant risk-related research
  • To collaborate with the insurance, accounting, and financial risk management industries to promote an exchange of ideas
  • Get better access to real-world practical experiences and applications
  • By facilitating outreach and collaboration with global OSH NGOs and academia