The Institute should be everyone’s first stop when looking for information about risk assessment or learning to improve one’s skills.

- Ken Daigle, Group Director of Safety, BP


The ASSE Risk Assessment Institute has developed the following set of fundamentals to advance ASSE member expertise in OSH risk assessment and management. These include:

  • Definitions for common terminology to enhance communications on risk at all levels.
  • A set of core competencies that every OSH professional should possess with regard to assessing risk and how ASSE members may advance their knowledge and abilities in these areas.
  • An OSH Risk Assessment flow chart depicting the basic steps of the risk assessment process. The flow chart describes how a practitioner should move through the risk assessment process and provides resources for advancing your knowledge of the process.


View a glossary of essential terms utilized in Risk Assessment

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Core Competencies

The Core Competencies consist of skills and fundamental knowledge desirable for OSH professionals conducting Risk Assessment.

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OSH Risk Assessment Flow Chart

Supported with sample templates, checklists, and articles, this flow chart will walk you through four main components of developing and maintaining a risk assessment process.

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