Risk assessment/management is so embedded in the way companies do business today that it is an absolute necessity that safety professionals develop skills in those areas if they want to succeed.

- Ken Daigle, Group Director of Safety, BP

Risk Assessment Resources

The ASSE Risk Assessment Institute recommends the following metrics, standards and further resources to help you manage the risk assessment process. Having the right resources on hand will help you develop, implement, effectively measure and continuously improve your new program.

The ASSE Body of Knowledge features a page dedicated to risk assessment that will help you continue on your journey.


Choosing the right metrics is key to understanding the success and value of any risk management program. Learn about two of the most common types.

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Use this standards catalog to help you find the tools you need to implement the best practices available in the field.

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Access countless Risk Assessment resources from ASSE’s Body of Knowledge.

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Professional Safety

FREE access to peer-reviewed readings from Professional Safety magazine to help you improve your risk assessment skills.

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External Sources

Looking for more on Risk Assessment? Check out these additional sources.

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