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Article Title Journal / Magazine Title Publication Date Author
Improving Ergo IQ A Practical Risk Assessment Model December
Bruce K. Lyon, Georgi Popov and Kevin Hanes

Linking OII and RMP data: does everyday safety prevent catastrophic loss?

Volume 10

Int. J. Risk Assessment and Management 2008 Michael R. Elliott, Paul R. Kleindorfer, Joseph J. DuBois, Yanlin Wang, Isadore Rosenthal
The Near-Miss Management of Operational Risk The Journal of Risk and Finance 2002 Alexander Muermann, Ulku Oktem

Near-Miss Incident Management Systems in the Chemical Process Industry

Volume 23, Issue 3

Risk Analysis 2003 James R. Phimister, Ulku Oktem, Paul R. Kleindorfer, Howard Kunreuther

Dynamic Risk Analysis Using Alarm Databases to Improve Process Safety and Product Quality: Part I – Data Compaction

Volume 58, Issue 3

AIChE Journal March 2012 Ankur Pariyani, Warren D. Seider, Ulku G. Oktem, Masoud Soroush

Dynamic Risk Analysis Using Alarm Databases to Improve Process Safety and Product Quality: Part II – Bayesian Analysis.

Volume 58, Issue 3

AIChE Journal March 2012 Ankur Pariyani, Warren D. Seider, Ulku G. Oktem, Masoud Soroush

Evaluation of the control banding method--comparison with measurement-based comprehensive risk assessment.

Volume 49, Issue 6

Medicine and Occupational Health November 2007 Hashimoto H, Goto T, Nakachi N, Suzuki H, Takebayashi T, Kajiki S, Mori K.

Behavior-Based Safety and Occupational Risk Management

Volume 29, Issue 3


Ensuring the quality of occupational safety risk assessment

Volume 33, Issue 3

Risk Analysis March 2013 Pinto A, Ribeiro RA, Nunes IL

Bayesian-network-based safety risk assessment for steel construction projects

Volume 54

Accid Anal Prev May 2013 Leu SS, Chang CM.

Occupational safety risk management in Australian mining

Volume 54, Issue 5

Occupational Medicine June 2004 J. Joy

The design of hazard risk assessment matrices for ranking occupational health risks and their application in mining and minerals processing

Volume 51, Issue 2

Occupational Medicine March 2001 A.M. Donoghue
Near-Miss Management: Managing the Bottom of the Risk Pyramid Risk & Regulation July 2010 Ulku G Oktem, Rafael Wong and Cigdem Oktem
Risk Assessment's New Era Part 1 The Synergist April 2012 G. Scott Dotson, Alan Rossner, Andrew Maier, Fred W. Boelter
Risk Assessment's New Era Part 2 The Synergist May 2012 Pamela R. D. Williams, G. Scott Dotson, Andrew Maier
Risk Assessment's New Era Part 3 The Synergist June 2012 G. Scott Dotson, Alan Rossner
Assessing Risk Asimplified Methodology for Prejob Planning in Oil & Gas Production Professional Safety September 2011 Angelo Bernard Pinheiro, Ben D. Cranor, David O. Anderson
Risk Assessments Top 10 Pitfalls & Tips for Improvement Professional Safety December 2012 Bruce K. Lyon, Bruce Hollcroft,
Risk Assessment & Reduction A machine safety case study from Quebec Professional Safety October 2007 Yuvin Chinniah, Joseph-Jean Paques and Mathieu Champoux
Risk Assessing & Mitigating to Deliver Sustainable Safety Performance Professional Safety July 2011 Gary H. Eaton and Donald E. Little
Safe or Safe Enough? Measuring Risk & Its Variables Objectively Professional Safety January 2012 John M. Piampiano and Steven M. Rizzo

Review of 62 risk analysis methodologies of industrial plants

Volume 15, Issue 4

Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries July 2002 Tixier, J; Dusserre, G; Salvi, O.; Gaston, D.

The weighted risk analysis

Volume 47, Issue 5

Safety Science
May 2009 Shahid Suddle

Occupational risk assessment in construction industry – Overview and reflection

Volume 49, Issue 5

Safety Science
June 2011 Abel Pintoa,  Isabel L. Nunesa,  Rita A. Ribeiro
How Safe is Safe? Techniques for advancing machinery risk assessments. Professional Safety June 2006 John M. Piampiano and Steven M. Rizzo
Risk Analysis: An International Journal 
Health, Risk & Society
Journal of Risk Research
Risk Management Review
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
Professional Safety 
RISK: Journal of the Risk Assessment and Policy Association


Book Title Author(s) ISBN

A Strategy for Assessing and Managing Occupational Exposures

3rd Edition

Advanced Safety Management Focusing on Z10 and Serious Injury Prevention
Fred A. Manuele
Environmental Health and Hazard Risk Assessment: Principles and Calculations  Louis Theodore, R. Ryan Dupont 978-1439868874 
Ergonomics Program Guidance Document Aligned with ANSI/AIHA Z10-2005
Evaluating Process Safety in the Chemical Industry: A User's Guide to Quantitative Risk Analysis
J. S. Arendt, D K. Lorenzo
Fundamentals of Risk Analysis and Risk Management    978-1566701303 

Guidelines for Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Analysis

2nd Edition

Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS)
Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety
Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS)
Health & Environmental Risk Analysis: Fundamentals with Applications Louvar, JF, Louvar, B. D 978- 0131277397
Health and Safety Requirements in Construction Contract Documents
AIHA Construction Committee 978-1-931504-54-6

Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: Theory and Practice 

1st Edition

Dennis J. Paustenbach 978-0-470-25319-9

Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents 

1st Edition

James T. Reason 978-1840141054 
Occupational Health and Safety Management System: An AIHA Guidance Document
AIHA Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) Task Force 0-932627-74-9

On the Practice of Safety

4th Edition

Fred A. Manuele 978-1-118-47894-3
Principles of Risk Analysis: Decision Making Under Uncertainty
Charles Yoe

Quantitative Risk Assessment for Environmental and Occupational Health  William H. Hallenbeck 978-0873718011
Risk Assessment in the Federal Government: Managing the Process Committee on the Institutional Means for Assessment of Risks to Public Health
National Research council
Risk Assessment Principles for the Industrial Hygienist
Risk Assessment: Challenges and Opportunities
Bruce W. Main, PE, CSP

Risk Management Planning Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Hazard Assessment, Accidental Release Prevention, and Consequence Analysis  A. Roger Greenway 978-0865876156

Risk Modeling, Assessment, and Management

3rd Edition

Yacov Y. Haimes 978-0-470-28237-3
Risk-Reduction Methods for Occupational Safety and Health
Roger C. Jensen


Safety Analysis Principles and Practice in Occupational Safety

2nd Edition

Lars Harms-Ringdahl
Safety Culture in Nuclear Installations International Atomic Energy Administration  
Safety Through Design National Safety Council  978-0879122048
Science and Decisions: Advancing Risk Assessment Committee on Improving Risk Analysis Approaches Used by the U.S. EPA, National Research Council  978-0-309-12046-3
Science and Judgment in Risk Assessment Committee on Risk Assessment of Hazardous Air Pollutants Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology Commission on Life Sciences National Research Council
Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology
Division on Earth and Life Studies
System Safety Engineering And Risk Assessment: A Practical Approach Nicholas J. Bahr 9781560324164
The Risk Assessment of Environmental and Human Health Hazards: A Textbook of Case Studies  Paustenbach, D.J. 978-0-471-84998-8

The Occupational Environment: Its Evaluation, Control, and Management, pp. 143-171

2nd Edition


Safety and Health for Engineers, pp. 645-663

2nd Edition

Roger L. Brauer 978-0-471-29189-3
Emerging Trends in Technological Innovation, pp. 105-111 Abel Pinto, Isabel L. Nunes, Rita A. Ribeiro  978-3-642-11627-8
Handbook of Cognitive Task Design, pp. 193-220   978-0-8058-4003-2
The Occupational Environment: Its Evaluation, Control, and Management
3rd Edition