Launch of the Institute

Professional Safety asks Dave Walline and Dee Woodhull about the launch of the Risk Assessment Institute, discussing goals, objectives, and what you can do to contribute.

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About the Risk Assessment Institute

Risk assessment is all about managing risk – and it’s been shown to be more effective than simple compliance with local and federal laws in reducing injuries, illnesses and fatalities. By engaging in risk assessment, you make a difference by being more effective in your job and helping people return home to their loved ones, reducing the millions of unnecessary deaths that happen at the workplace each year.

Why an Institute?

The goal of the Risk Assessment Institute is to facilitate OSH risk assessment’s inclusion into the organizational risk process, allowing businesses to be proactive in prioritizing and mitigating risk in advance of injuries or catastrophes.

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Vision and Goals

For occupational safety, health and environmental risk assessment to be viewed as an integral part of an organization’s risk management process.

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Meet the Risk Assessment Institute Committee members.

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