Advancing Excellence in OSH Risk Assessment and Management

Risk Assessment Resources

OSH Risk Assessment Flow Chart and Tools

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  1. Inventory of Workplace Hazards/Risks
  • Accident History up to 10-years (Loss Runs, injury database, OSHA logs, etc…)
  • Near Miss Incidents
  • Process/Task Hazards (e.g., JSAs, JHAs, WI, SOPs, etc…)
  • Equipment Hazards
  • Non-Routine Tasks
  • Facility Siting Considerations
  • Contractor/Visitor Operations
  • Highly Hazardous Chemical Processes
  1. Sustain and Continuously Improve Risk Assessment Process
  • Communicate & Train Workforce on RA Process
  • Incorporate RA into Other Safety Processes
  • Drive RA Process as Part of Safety Metric’s
  • Integrate Prevention through Design Process
  • Integrate Management of Change (MOC) Process
  • Periodically Audit RA Process
  • Risk Mitigation Action Planning
  • Incorporate RA into all Leadership Communication and Decision Making